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Felony Charges

Bail Bonds for Felony Charges in Fort Lauderdale

A Greenlight Bail Bonds serves Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities with felony bail bond services. Experiencing felony charges is a difficult and embarrassing situation, but with our vast array of experience on felony bails, we have gained the knowledge to help you get your loved ones out of jail and back home to you as quickly as possible.

Four Categories of Felonies in Fort Lauderdale

  • If you are facing felony charges, then it is important to know which category applies to your case
    • First-Degree Felony
      • This includes serious crimes and assaults, such as aggravated battery to a police officer, drug trafficking or burglary. First-degree felonies may include a $10,000 fine, 30 years in jail or a combination of the two.
    • Second-Degree Felony
      • Second-Degree felonies are less serious than first-degree felonies, but they still attract serious prison sentences. This may include aggravated battery and robbery. If convicted on a second-degree felony you may face 15 years in prison and a fine that doesn’t exceed $10,000.
    • Third-Degree Felony
      • These require the lightest prison sentences. You may face a $5,000 fine and a prison sentence of up to 5 years. Third-degree felonies may include car theft and handgun violations.
    • Capital Felonies
      • This are felonies that the state may punish with the death penalty or life in prison. For example, a capital felony in Florida is first-degree murder. If convicted on a capital felony, you may face life in prison and also receive a fine of up to $15,000.

Contact a Felony Charges Bail Bonds Expert in in Fort Lauderdale

A Greenlight Bail Bonds keeps you informed on every step of the process, caring for you like part of our family and with the utmost respect. Our service offers confidentiality and reliability 24/7, so if you are looking for an affordable and easy bail bonds expert in felony charges near you in Fort Lauderdale, we are the right choice. Fill out the form and we’ll contact you briefly, or call us now at 954-256-3466 to be assisted by a courteous and friendly bail bonds expert.

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