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Payment Options

Bail Bond Payment Options

The day you, a loved one, a family member, or a friend is arrested is extremely stressful. The first thought on everyone’s mind is “How quickly can they get out?” HERE at A GREENLIGHT BAIL BONDS, WE ARE NEAR YOU AND PROMISE TO POST THE BOND(S) IMMEDIATELY TO GET YOUR FAMILY MEMBER, FRIEND, OR LOVED ONE ON THEIR FASTEST WAY TO YOU!

It’s unfortunate that the reason many people must stay in jail after an arrest is that their loved ones can’t gather enough funds for bail. At A Greenlight Bail Bonds, we don’t want this to happen to you. That’s why we offer the SOUTH FLORIDA area so many payment options, allowing just about everyone to make bail and get home to their family. Here at A Greenlight Bail Bonds, WE CAN get you financed for the 10% premium due to us. Ask how?

Remember, you must supply 10% of the bond to our company at the time of service. If the defendant’s bail amount is posted at $10,000, you must pay $1,000 for their release.

If the person charged fails to appear in court, then the individual who signed the bail contract (you) are liable for the entire bail amount (the other 90%). Never agree to bail someone out if you think that person may not return to court. Paying bail for someone is very serious, making you financially responsible for their return to court


Our bail bonds company will take cash at the time of service, although this is often difficult for families to
come by.

Credit Card

Paying for a bail bond with a credit card is often the most convenient form of payment for the client. Paying by credit card is also usually the quickest way to expedite the bail process and thereby get the arrested person out of jail faster over the phone. YOU PAY AND THE BONDS ARE POSTED IMMEDIATELY!

Money Order

If you have the cash but do not feel comfortable bringing such a large amount with you, you can also bring a money order as well.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are a convenient way for someone to pay bail without actually coming into our physical office. This will help you avoid traveling to Fort Lauderdale, going out late at night, or taking a day off work to complete the bail contract process. A wire transfer is often the best option for parents of college students who live several states away.


Sometimes, a bail bond can be paid with a check.

Real Estate Liens
and Bonds

For very serious crimes, the bond amount may be so much that collateral, like a real estate lien, is needed to secure the finances. Clients often use a real estate lien when the bail is a high-dollar amount, $100,000 or more.

Payment Plans

For some families, even 10% of the bail amount presents a financial challenge. Some clients either don’t have a credit card or a large enough credit line to pay the bail bond fee. Remember, you don’t have to have perfect credit to qualify.


Here at A Greenlight Bail Bonds, WE CAN get you financed for the 10% premium due to us. Ask how.

Call Now! to secure bail for a loved one, friend, or family member, CALL A Greenlight Bail Bonds today at (954) 256-3466. WE LIVE, WE BREATHE, WE ARE BAIL BONDS! Available 24/7 to serve you with

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