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What to do if your Loved One Gets Arrested on Christmas

The holidays are supposed to be a season for spending time with friends and family in celebration, but that is unfortunately not always possible. Anytime a loved one goes to jail it is upsetting, but an arrest around Christmas can be outright traumatic. Don’t let your loved one spend what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year behind bars. Instead, arm yourself with the information you need to bail them out and bring them home.

Instead of running all over town, stressed out and scared, call A Greenlight Bail Bonds. We will help you post bail and get your friend or family home out of jail and back home to open presents. There are three steps you need to follow in order to make this possible:

Step 1: You must either already have bail money or have the ability to obtain it. The bail fee is 10% of bond amount with a minimum of $100. For example, a bond of $9,000 would require $900 in bail.

Step 2: As the person bailing out their friend or family member, you must sign important, legally-binding paperwork. This paperwork is promising they will go to court every single time they are required to go. The defendant, once they are released, needs to sign paperwork this paperwork within 24 hours.

Step 3: The defendant must go to court every single time, as they promised in the paperwork. This is viewed as your responsibility to make happen if the defendant attempts to do otherwise. If they go back on this legal promise, they go back to jail and you will pay the full bond amount (the other 90%).

Don’t let your loved one sit in jail another day longer. A Greenlight Bail Bonds is open 24/7, even during the holidays. Call us at 954-256-3466, or you can also fill out our online form asking any bail questions you may have. We are Ft. Lauderdale’s most-trusted bail bonds company. Contact us today and find out why.

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